Blu-ray Review: Duck Dynasty Season 4

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duck dynasty season 4With the fifth season already kicking off, and the post-Phil fallout settling over the stage, our friends out at Lionsgate sent out a copy of “Duck Dynasty Season 4″ for us to cover. There’s quite a bit going on in this one, and for old friends of the show, this will likely be a welcome trip.

Duck Dynasty Season 4” takes us back down to the Duck Commander headquarters, where the Robertson family is carrying on as it ever was. In the midst of trying to keep the Duck Commander operations afloat, CEO Willie is going to have his hands full trying to ride herd on his cantankerous, fun-loving relatives. But even though much of what said relatives will do isn’t exactly advancing the business forward–who let Si get a scooter, anyway?–said relatives are always ready to pull together when things get rough.

Having seen four seasons of “Duck Dynasty” now, I do understand the appeal. For those who like the thought of coming home, of seeing the antics of old friends, and having a few good laughs in the process, this is going to do pretty well indeed. Perhaps the only down side on this one is that, for some, the laughs may be starting to get a little threadbare. While the laughs are still there, it’s starting to get oddly familiar.

Of course, that’s half the point. It’s familiar. It’s the modern day equivalent of Mayberry. Those who came here looking for new and innovative are going to be sadly disappointed. Those with a low tolerance for schmaltz and sentiment will also be deeply, deeply put off. But for those who can stomach a little of the touchy-feely and a lot of the familiar, there will be plenty of good chuckles on hand and a few outright belly laughs. But the familiar is what really sells this; it’s the television equivalent of a childhood blankie, or a pair of old jeans. It’s the well-worn, the well-read, the well-loved. And while some will find it great, others will find it grating. The question is, did season three delight as much as season one? If it did, then season four will treat you right.

Special features include audio options, your choice of English or Spanish subtitles, six separate deleted scenes and five complete webisodes, an extra 20 minutes of material. Additionally, there are also trailers for “Houdini,” several MLB on DVD titles, “Swamp People,” “Big History,” and “Grace Unplugged.”

“Duck Dynasty Season 4″ has plenty of that old Duck Dynasty charm to it. Those who love the feeling of coming home and meeting old friends should be very happy with this, and how closely you agree with that last will tell all too well just how happy you’ll be with the new season.

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