ABC distances itself from ‘The Bachelor’ star, who has a lot to learn about homophobia

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ABC’s The Bachelor star, Juan Pablo is under heavy fire for anti-gay remarks made to a reporter at a party last night at the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena. Today, ABC released a comment distancing itself from the star’s opinion without causing too much hysteria a la A&E’s mess with the Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson. ABC said, “Juan Pablo’s comments were careless, thoughtless and insensitive, and in no way reflect the views of the network, the show’s producers or studio.”

ABC's The Bachelor star, Juan Pablo

ABC’s The Bachelor star, Juan Pablo

Pablo called gay men “more pervert” than the average straight man, saying that a homosexual or bisexual season of the The Bachelor would be inappropriate for kids, but later recanted his statement, insisting that what he meant to say was “more affectionate and intense”. He stands by his opinion that gay men should be barred from The Bachelor. I’m assuming his statement is predicated on the presumption that The Bachelor is family-friendly. Am I the only person that would argue this?

The question now is how do I adjust my lust for Juan Pablo to accommodate his beating to my equalist beliefs?

It seems that Juan Pablo is one of a very large demographic that is phobic of having a conversation with his child, daughter Camila, about gay people. This fear is irrational and rooted in the belief that straight people are normative and gay people are deviants. It also assumes that a child, only five in Camila’s case, has the same understanding as a full-grown adult of what a family “should be”, when in fact a child that young has no capacity to develop such concrete beliefs nor to refuse new information and project preexisting assumptions onto anyone else. One does not have to be openly homophobic to think this way.

A five-year-old one time told me I should be married because I was over the age of 21

Juan Pablo teaching daughter Camila to shoot guns, because it's safer than gay TV.

Juan Pablo teaching daughter Camila to shoot guns, because it’s safer than gay TV.

(Sheesh, pressure like this usually comes from my mother!) and his mother married at the age of 21. I told him that a lot of people get married much later than that, and the kid shrugged and said, “Oh, alright”. This topic is no less difficult to understand than the topic of gay love. Get with the program, people.

One struggle of the gay community is the mainstreaming of gay culture. The average citizen assumes the population of gay people is much smaller than it is, classifying the gay community as a small subculture rather than the massive cooperating culture that it is. This mentality serves to help homophobic people to justify the denial of rights to gay citizens.

To be fair to Juan Pablo, this mentality is taught, furiously, by every facet of mainstream society. So, yes, we should all forgive Juan Pablo but ask him to adjust his hetero-normative perspective to accommodate equal rights, including prime time reality TV show access.

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