Live production of ‘Peter Pan’ to air on NBC; here’s why Ross Lynch should star

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NBC has announced “Peter Pan” to be its next live musical theater project, which will air Dec. 4. Can I get a “Woo Hoo!” The show will be following up on the outstanding success of “The Sound Of Music,” which drew 18 million viewers this past year.

Commence fangirling/fanboying.

NBC’s chairman Robert Greenblatt announced the project on Sunday with enthusiasm, as he is an open advocate of live musical theater on network television.

The show will be manned by the same team as “The Sound of Music,” led by producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron.

The “Peter Pan” production is a throwback of the network’s 1955, ’56 and ’60

Mary Martin thinking happy thoughts as 1960's Peter Pan

Mary Martin thinking happy thoughts as 1960’s Peter Pan

productions, which were huge hits. I’m not sure how they’re going to compete with Mary Martin’s version, but let’s cross our fingers for 2014 to produce the best “Peter Pan” ever.

The J.M. Barrie classic is familiar and family-friendly, but will probably offer something new to its younger audience. Live musical theater is less a part of entertainment life in this century, so millennial folks and younger will be treated to something new.

Greenblatt has noted that he has a “dream choice” for casting, but won’t release a name until the person has been contacted. I’d put money on Ross Lynch, singing and dancing star of Disney Channel’s Austin and Ally and “Teen Beach Movie.” The child star is a Peter Pan look-alike without any help, and has a silky voice that could scare puberty away. He’s Peter Pan perfection. Someone call NBC and tell them.

It’s traditional for an adult woman to play the role of Peter, but the practice is unlikely to translate well to the exposure of film. I’m sure we can count on a gender and age-accurate male lead, in this case.

If not, where do I sign up? Critics raved about my performance in my middle school’s production of “Stuart Little”, during which I had approximately 2 minutes of collective stage time. Seriously, I killed it.

Peter Pan is, according to author J.M Barrie, a child who “has all his baby teeth”. Despite the implied prepubescent age of the character, it is likely we will see a teenager, at the youngest, in the NBC production, a tradition started by ABC’s Once Upon a Time in the current season. Not to be a nudge, but I’m just saying Lynch has Peter Pan written all over him. He was born to play this role! Lynch for president–I mean Peter!

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  • justine

    He has a contract with disney which is the mother company of ABC, he wouldn’t be able to do anything with NBC.