Dannon Yogurt’s Super Bowl ad will feature a Mini-‘Full House’ reunion

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Even as a severely stupid child, I never liked Full House. Unlike other bad sitcoms of the era, Full House didn’t greet you with a knowing, defeated shrug as ifoikos-superteaser-hed-2014 to say, “We know this is bad but we’ll get through this as painlessly as possible”. Instead it overpowered you with constant Popeye impressions and nightmarish chimp-like toddlers shrieking out the word “dude”. Full House seemed to struggle under the delusion that it was cute and, inexplicably, kind of hip. Instead it was obnoxious and, unfortunately as Adweek has proven, never truly left us.

As a part of the show’s current status as an ironically appreciated fetish object, Dannon Oikos yogurt, will be running an ad during the Super Bowl that will reunite Oikos spokesman John Stamos with his former Full House co-stars Bob Saget and Dave Coulier. As the teaser trailer (oof. Why are commercials now getting their own mini-commercials? Who asked for this?) below implies, it seems that the trio’s living situation hasn’t changed since Full House was cancelled in 1995. I guess this is supposed to be funny? Incidentally, is this canon? Do all of the Full House characters still live together? Is Kimmy Gibbler living in their attic, depressed, unemployed and joylessly smoking pot all day? Why can’t that be a yogurt commercial?

At any rate, as Ad Week pointed out this isn’t the first time there has been a Full House reunion. Most of the cast appeared in one of the final Bob Saget episodes of America’s Funniest Home Videos and at the sitcom’s 25th anniversary party in 2012. But I’m sure all of you Full House nerds already knew that.

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