Dark Horse’s New Star Wars Comic Goes Back to the Beginning

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Remember the era before the “Star Wars” universe split into sequels, prequels and cartoon adventures set during the prequels? Dark Horse Comics believes there are still some unanswered questions early in the mythos. Take Leia, for example. Her homeworld vanished in a wave of Darth Vader’s hand, and we never got to see her dealing with that.

Star Wars, a simply-named comic written by Brian Wood, begins right after the events in the first movie. Wood’s earned accolades for his works on books such as DMZ and The Massive. Renowned artist Alex Ross will do the cover, and some of the artwork released so far evokes that classic look of 1970s movie posters.

io9 has a pre San Diego Comic-Con sneak peek at the new series. Movies have to go at a faster pace than the written word, especially when they’re epic stories of conflict in space. Editor Randy Stradley promises there will still be plenty of X-Wings and explosions, but that action is character driven. It took a year of planning with Lucasfilm to ensure the story wouldn’t step on any established continuity. As we’ve established there is enough Star Wars content out there to fill a galaxy far, far away.

There will be more details to come at Comic-Con. The series starts in January, and looks as if it could take us back to when we first saw those paragraphs scroll into space.

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