Beatles Sacrilege? Fab Four backs Vans “Yellow Submarine” shoes

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Vans' Yellow Submarine shoes

Vans’ Yellow Submarine shoes

I’d say the Beatles have done a pretty good job over the years of preserving their legacy. Every few years there’s a new remaster or greatest hits collection or digital release, which mostly serve to expose the Fab Four’s music to new generations. Sure, occasionally their music will be used for commercial purposes, but usually pretty tastefully, frequent egregious overuse of “Come Together” notwithstanding.

That’s why the news of the Vans Yellow Submarine shoe is a bit incongruous. According to Rolling Stone: 

 Vans will be releasing its first-ever footwear collaboration with the Fab Four on March 1st. The collection, which contains four pieces, all feature artwork from the Yellow Submarine album and film and retail between $65 and $75… The most expensive of the bunch, the Sk8-Hi Reissue, features stylized portraits of all four Beatles running up the ankles apropos to cartoon portraits of each as they were animated for the film. The other shoes each feature psychedelic tableaus from the film. The Classic Slip-Ons play off the movie’s Sea of Monsters, showing trippy marine life swimming in an ocean of pink. The Era shoes depict all four band members, some wearing rainbow pants, hanging out in a yellow garden.

The Beatles? On shoes? I don’t know. There’s something not quite right about that. Maybe it’s that when I think of Vans and their connection to music, it’s normally their association with the Warped Tour, and bands like Blink-182. I just don’t feel like a deal like this is worthy of the greatest bad of all time.

Now Ringo Starr’s guest appearance as Fibonacci Sequins on the recent Powerpuff Girls special? That I liked.

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