Charlie Kaufman and Dan Harmon Take Logical Step of Working on Kickstarter-Funded Project Together

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Charlie Kaufman and Dan Harmon are two artists whose work is so routinely described as “meta” the description itself has almost become a cliché.

Add to that their characters’ constant habit of referring to how self-referential they’re being (especially Abed on Community) and their work can often have a sort of infinitely recursive hall of mirrors quality. In addition Harmon has made multiple Kaufman references on Community, including one entire episode, “Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples,” that was essentially a mini Charlie Kaufman film, with plenty of dialogue making fun of Charlie Kaufman films, naturally.

So it’s not too surprising that Kaufman and Harmon are now collaborating on a new project to be funded via Kickstarter. The project is to be a stop-motion animated film entitled Anomolisa written by Kaufman and with Harmon as an Executive Producer. Full details about the project can be found on Kickstarter.

In further news sure to excite Community fans, Dino “Starburns” Stamatopoulos will also be an Executive Producer. Before starring as the unusually-sideburned fan favorite Community character (who was killed off screen in a mobile meth lab explosion), Stamatopoulous had a long and brilliant career as a comedy writer.

The film will be produced at his Starburns Industries production house, which is (seriously) located in a castle in Burbank and is also the place where the Community stop motion Christmas special “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas” was produced. In addition, Duke Johnson and Rosa Tran, who worked with Stamatopoulos on “Uncontrollable Christmas” and also on “Moral Orel,” will be involved.

Some of the more interesting prizes for bigger donations include, for a pledge of $2,500 or more, a twenty minute Skype conversation with your choice of Stamatopoulous, Johnson, or Harmon. I’m guessing Harmon will be the most popular option there. And, for a $5,000 pledge Harmon will write a 20 page (meta, self-referential) screenplay about you.

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