NBC moves Primetime Emmy Awards to a Monday… in August

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jimmy_fallon_emmyTalk about a double whammy. NBC, after taking the Primetime Emmy baton from CBS, has pulled quite the unexpected scheduling stunt, as it’s just announced this year’s TV Oscars will air on Monday August 25. Oh, the blasphemy! The horror! The sacrilege!

Well, is it? Is it really? Sure, it’s the first time in 38 years the Emmys are slated at the beginning of a week rather than its end. Plus, CBS, ABC and Fox sort of made a tradition in setting up the gala for September.

But at the end of the day, it’s The Peacock’s year and we should respect their decision. As long as it doesn’t involve sandwiching the Emmys between a rerun of Community and episode premiere of The Michael J. Fox.

Besides, fans of these shindigs, including yours truly, care more about things like host names and nominated shows than air dates. So bring back Jimmy Fallon, NBC, and we’re all good.

For the record, the network moved the small-screen talent pageant from September to August to not clash with NFL games and from Sunday to Monday for… basically the same reason, as at least three pre-season football matches shall be broadcasted in the summer. Again, Fallon and I couldn’t care less.

Via [Inside TV]

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