Chronicle Director Trank to Helm Fantastic Four Movie

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Reboot mania has hit Hollywood hard. Look to the “Amazing Spider-Man” for proof. But we should forgive Fox for wanting to get its underwhelming Fantastic Four flicks out of our heads as quickly as possible. Josh Trank, who directed surprising superpowered hit “Chronicle” will be the director tasked with doing so.

There are few things that get the movie industry more tingly than a new superhero franchise. Thus Trank is currently getting more calls for help than an actual hero. Among the projects he’s attached to is a film adaptation of the video game Shadow of the Colossus. Fox believes FF will be his next movie, though.

Fantastic Four is one of the longest running comics in the industry. Its lead villain Doctor Doom is so awesome other heroes borrow him for stories. The group’s adventures take them to the far corners of the science fiction universe. A great film seemingly has to be in there somewhere, but Fox’s reboot is an admission it hasn’t made that movie yet.

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