‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ TV series joins vampire craze

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From Dusk Til DawnI’m not surprised we’re getting a TV adaptation of “From Dusk Till Dawn,” I’m just surprised it didn’t arrive sooner. Everything with any vampire appeal at all is getting a green light right now.

Robert Rodriguez will reinterpret his 1995 horror cult classicfor the El Rey Network. It’s an English language channel appealing to Latino viewers.

The TV series will reimagine the journey of Seth Gecko, now played by D.J. Corona, and his brother Richie, now played by Zane Holtz. George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino were the brothers in the film. Boy, wonder whatever happened to those guys?

It was a stretch to believe Quentin and George came from the same pool, even in a movie. But the TV series is setting up for several seasons of romantic subplots. The “nerdy” brother is obviously handsome too, just wearing glasses.

The brothers are trying to pull off a heist when they accidentally encounter a group of vampires. Also starring in this new version are Don Johnson, Wilmer Valderrama and Robert Patrick. The Walking Dead’s Greg Nicotero will handle makeup effects, ensuring these vamps are the stuff of nightmares.

Rodriguez told the audience at the Television Critics Association press tour that the movie was the “short story, and this is the novel.” He believes there’s enough material to go for several seasons. It debuts March 11.

Here’s the trailer: Are you going to take a bite?


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