Steven Tyler Leaving American Idol, Other Changes in the Works

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Steven Tyler has decided he’d rather keep rocking with Aerosmith than judging future pop stars on American Idol.

He made his long-rumored resignation official with a rambling press release calling Idol “his mistress” and Aerosmith his “first love.” Jennifer Lopez is likely not far behind, and has already mentioned how comfortable she was working with Tyler. She was wavering before Tyler’s announcement, and now Fox thinks it has little chance of keeping her. Considering her price tag is reportedly around $12 million a year, no one at the network is expected to barricade the door.

The events of the past several hours display one of the problems with having this pair dispense advice. It’s often impossible to discern what Steven Tyler just said.  Lopez then repeats it anyway. When Simon Cowell left to do The X-Factor on Fox, he didn’t just further dilute the music show ratings pool. He left Idol with a serious deficiency in harsh but necessary criticism. Randy Jackson, the show’s only remaining original judge, has expressed his desire to move from judge to mentor on the show.

One of the leading candidates to become a new judge is Mariah Carey, who Jackson manages. It would probably be quicker to list the few singers not mentioned as judge replacements. Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and former Idol Adam Lambert are all rumored for consideration. Perry and Minaj are both at the peak of their careers, and I’d be surprised to see either pause for Idol right now. Cyrus or Carey make a lot more sense. Cyrus would bring in a wealth of younger viewers, and Carey’s done it all in the industry. She’s had a meteoric rise, seen her career left for dead and experienced a resurgence in popularity.

Host Ryan Seacrest is the show’s one star not going anywhere. He’s signed a deal keeping him on Idol through the 2014 season.

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