Guardians of the Galaxy won’t have a Super Bowl ad

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guardians-of-the-galaxy-vin-diesel-grootDisney is raising a lot of eyebrows by not advertising “Guardians of the Galaxy” on Super Bowl Sunday. Director James Gunn confirmed through his Twitter feed Rocket Raccoon and pals won’t appear. He promised something we’ll get something incredibly awesome soon. That may be true, but it’s fair to wonder how many will be watching it.

Disney will push “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and Sony’s giving us a look at “Amazing Spider-Man 2.” I’m grateful for the glimpses, but those movies don’t really need it. These studios would need armed guards to keep moviegoers out of these films.

In contrast, the Guardians are relative unknowns. Their members include a raccoon and a tree man. Stan Lee himself admitted not knowing who all of them are in a podcast.  If the lord and savior of all comic geeks isn’t familiar with you, there’s some PR work to be done.

We know footage exists, it appeared at Comic-Con. WWE has pulled Guardians star and wrestler Dave Batista in for a quick run, alienating members of its roster in the process. Disney has millions riding on this movie. Is there some reason WWE has started promoting it and Disney hasn’t?

Now, we’ve seen the team appearing on Disney XD and getting a higher profile in Marvel’s books. But you had most of those viewers at “Rocket Raccoon.” The average moviegoer, the ones that made Avengers a smash, doesn’t know who these characters are.

Coming from the same studio that began sowing the seeds for “The Avengers” in the first “Iron Man,” the silence is baffling. Disney/Marvel has done little wrong in its cinematic universe recently. But the Super Bowl is traditionally when these movie campaigns get into high gear. It’s weird not to see Marvel’s summer event movie on this stage. This is like going to Comic-Con in your regular clothes or something.


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  • Rb

    Im starting to think this movie isnt even made. Why put it for an august release if youre not gonna show us atleast a trailer. We only have one ONE damn picture which we already semi saw. Gunn and marvel: stop being a dick! Show us the damn footage! Its damn frustrating how gunn always says soon. Hes ben saying soon for a year already.