Fin: Bud Bowl at 25, Back to the Future on Broadway and the need for Orthodox TV

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Gonna go back in time!

Gonna go back in time!

“Back to the Future” will become a musical, first in London but later on Broadway; Huey Lewis’ level of involvement has not been determined  (Hitfix)

Why there should be a TV drama series about Orthodox Jews (

Late-night transitions have consequences: Jay Leno’s entire staff will be laid off (The Wrap)

The true story of the first Bud Bowl (The Big Lead)

 Two pieces of Bob Uecker news- he’s planning to cut back on his broadcasting duties, and they’re talking about “Major League 4″ (Hardball Talk)

 The history of how the “NFL on Fox” theme music came to be (Deadspin)

Fox Sports 1’s Katie Nolan’s workmanlike demolition of embarrassing fallen superstar sportswriter Rick Reilly (FS1)

Ben Jones, who played Cooter on The Dukes of Hazzard and later served two terms in Congress, has written a letter in protest of the CMT series Party Down South (EW)

The history of the shameless SEO-trolling “What time is the Superbowl” gimmick (The Atlantic)

 It’s Ron Swanson’s dream: a Canoe Car (Gizmodo)

A profile of the much-hated movie “comedy” team of Friedberg and Seltzer (Grantland)

Motley Crue is breaking up. After one more tour. Unless they get back together again later (USA Today)

A profile of the strange life and death of Sons of Anarchy actor Johnny Lewis (Los Angeles magazine)

Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute will host MacGyver Night (press release)

A history of stupid pacts in romantic comedies (Vulture)

And finally, Jon Bois’ brilliant “Breaking Madden” series comes to a conclusion (SB Nation)

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