The 5 best and worst Super Bowl commercials

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Like House of Pain was gonna do anything

Like House of Pain was gonna do anything

With the Seattle Seahawks blowing out the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII, it was the first non-exciting Super Bowl in many years. So naturally, the focus shifted to the commercials.

It wasn’t the best or the worst years for them- nothing extremely brilliant or anything, although there was less of the viciously anti-woman stuff as their is most years. I think we can all agree that just about every company releasing their ads earlier made for a less-exciting set of them. Anyway, my personal rankings of the best and worst:

The Five Best: 

1. “Going All the Way,” for Coca-Cola. Youth football, an undersized kid who may or may not be meant to represent Adrian Peterson, a run to Lambeau Field and the always-great musical cue of House of Pain’s “Jump Around.” This one certainly made me smile the most:

2. Tim Tebow for T-Mobile. The ex-NFL quarterback, as hundreds of jokers pointed out on Twitter, had a much better night than his former Broncos teammates did, as he compared his lack of a contract to those of T-Mobile customers:

3. Volkswagen- “Wings.” This ad, featuring German engineers getting “wings,” made me laugh uproariously. Even though I still don’t understand how a company with VW’s history could even think about letting the phrase “German engineering” anywhere near their advertising:

4. Cheerios- “Gracie.” The interracial family from the inexplicably controversial spot of a few months ago is back- with a baby, puppy and some very funny reaction shots to come. I also had my mind blown to discover that I went to college with the mom from the ad:

5. RadioShack, “The 80s Called.” RadioShack welcomes its newest company rebranding- bye bye, “The Shack”- by saying goodbye to the ’80s, with some help from Hulk Hogan, ALF, Mary Lou Retton and various other Reagan-era icons:

The Five Worst: 

1. Bob Dylan for Chrysler. Why? Why must Bob lend his credibility to a car ad, when he’s lip-synching something else? The obvious joke, of course, was that this was the easiest it’s been to understand Bob in years:

2. Axe Body Spray, “Make Love Not War.” Axe may be more synonymous with douchiness than any brand on Earth. So now they’ve done an abrupt U turn to become… peaceniks? No, I don’t get it either.

3. Audi, ” Doberhuahua.” Yes, I get that the strange, large-headed hybrid of dog breeds is SUPPOSED to be creepy. But it’s still going to give me nightmares:

4. Geico, “Philly Cheesesteak Shuffle” A disastrous attempt at “local color,” which isn’t funny and makes no sense. Besides, if you know anything about Geno’s Steaks, chances are they don’t serve Gekkos.

5. Mazerati, “Strike.” This ad is well-produced and sort of cool. Too bad I got the idea from it that a bunch of nine-year-olds are going to steal Mazeratis and “strike” people with them.

See every Super Bowl commercial at Hulu’s Ad Zone.

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