The Fringe Season Finale Will Have Two Possible Endings

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With too big an audience to truly be considered a cult show like Firefly but not enough of one to be a mainstream hit, Fringe has quietly been the most audacious network drama of the last few years.

The show has taken the idea of alternate universes further than just about any other television show in history and in a further bit of complexity this season has added alternate timelines within those alternate universes. In addition every season finale thus far has featured one huge, game-changing cliffhanger. Most audaciously, season three ended with lead actor Joshua Jackson’s character being erased from existence completely.

Both the concern with alternate realities and the penchant for mind-blowing cliffhangers seems to have now spilled into the production of the show itself. In an interview with website Zap2it series star Lance Reddick let slip that the Fringe team has filmed two different endings for the upcoming fourth season finale, one that will resolve the story so far and serve as a series finale and another that will introduce yet another cliffhanger in case the series is renewed for one final season, since there’s still a chance Fox will greenlight a 13-episode fifth season as a final goodbye for Fringe and its fans.

According to Reddick regardless of whether or not the show is renewed the finale will “answer almost all the questions that started in Season 1,” which should satisfy fans who were wondering if the show has just forgotten about Season One plotlines such as Jon Scott, Olivia’s boyfriend who died in the pilot and then implanted his memories in her subconscious (or something, it’s been awhile.)

If the show does get renewed for a final 13 episodes, the Season Four finale will still resolve all these plotlines, as well as introducing a completely new story in the cliffhanger ending.

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