It’s official: Netflix renews ‘House of Cards’ for season 3

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House of CardsTo quote from the man himself, House Majority Whip and Congressman Francis Underwood, I love House of Cards more than sharks love blood. We all do.

And though the political drama’s second season is yet to “air” online, the only question about it is whether Emmy voters will snub it for awards in high-profile categories, as they unjustly did with its first stint, or make amends with at least some lead actor gold.

Want additional reasons to believe the freshman season’s scorching hot critical reception and mainstream viewer popularity were not one-off affairs? Well, there’s the surprising screening of two episodes at the Berlin Film Festival later this month, and, more importantly, official renewal news from Netflix.

Recent Golden Globe victor Robin Wright was actually the first to spill the beans by confirming “we start shooting season three soon,” while representatives of the on-demand Internet streaming media provider were quick to back the claims of the actress, offering however little details beyond.

Interestingly, Wright also teased the possibility of the show lasting a few extra years, suggesting she’d be open to the idea, and, as far as she’s concerned, there would be ways to keep the story going without it feeling forced.

Granted, Kevin Spacey, who is both the main driving force in front of the camera and an executive producer, as well as the project’s head honcho, David Fincher, may have differing views, mostly as they see their schedules clogging, but for now, let’s just be happy this beautifully crafted, diabolical, fiendish (in a good way) series will get to 40 episodes, give or take a couple. And remember, February 14.

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