Academy feels ‘happy’, sets Pharrell Williams Oscar live performance

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Pharrell-Williams-HappyClap along if you feel like listening to Pharrell Williams perform live at the Oscars. Anybody? Oh, don’t be such sour-pusses. Sure, the guy is a much better producer than he is a singer, and “Happy”, his Academy Award-nominated track, is particularly heavy on Auto-Tune use.

But the song itself is sizzling hot, reaching its peak position so far in the Billboard Hot 100, number 11, after just four weeks on the chart. So you can understand why the Academy basically had to invite the Grammy winner for a live performance at the Dolby Theatre on March 2. The quest for ratings never ends.

Also, I’ll come right out and say it: Pharrell outright deserves the honor. His work is not the most profound or lyrically complex around, but he’s had a tremendous year, thanks to “Get Lucky” and “Blurred Lines”, which he co-wrote and co-headlined on their way to record sales, as well as Grammy and MTV noms and trophies.

Just let this be the beginning of a string of no less than four Oscar performance announcements. Maybe five, to right the injustice of snubbing Lana Del Rey.

We know, the schedule is going to run tight, what with the central theme being heroes and all. Yet how could you miss the chance to have U2 up on the stage, along with Karen O and Idina Menzel? It really rarely gets any better than that.

Via [Inside Movies]

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