Alexandra Dadderio- the naked girlfriend from “True Detective”- gets roles in ‘San Andreas,’ ‘New Girl’

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Alexandra Daddario from True Detective

Alexandra Daddario from True Detective

HBO’s True Detective, in case you haven’t been watching it, is pretty damn good. It’s got a unique story structure, a fascinating mystery, its style is both beautiful and super-scary and it boasts a couple of dynamite performances from Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. I love the show and I can’t wait to see how its arc plays out.

But of course, the HBO audience being the HBO audience- well-captured as usual by South Park– one particular aspect True Detective‘s first three episodes has gotten a radically disproportionate amount of attention: The fully nude sex scene, in the second episode, between Harrelson and his mistress, played by actress Alexandra Dadderio.

Like used to happen with Entourage episodes a decade ago, it even came up in Bill Simmons’ mailbag on Grantland:

 Q: I have tried to come up with words. I have tried to come up with sports award analogies (breakthrough performance, etc.). But in the end, I have found that I am neither emotionally prepared nor literally capable of describing the importance of Alexandra Daddario’s nude scene in the second episode of True Detective. Please, I need your help.

—Steve, Atlanta

SG: Hands down, it was the most extraordinary nude scene since Saving Private Ryan.

Prior to True Detective I mostly knew Daddario from a series of TV guest-starring roles- she was the employee who kissed Peter Krause on one of the early seasons of Parenthood, she was the rich girl who got dumped by Charlie on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and is credited on the “Johnny Cakes episode of The Sopranos as “Another Woman.” She’s also known for her roles on White Collar and in the “Percy Jackson” movies, and for being a third actress in the lookalike tandem that previously included Amanda Peet and Lake Bell.

Now, we’re about to see even more of the actress: According to Deadline, she’s been cast as the female lead in “San Andreas,” the in-production action movie starring Dwayne Johnson for release next year.

Also in the news Wednesday is that Daddario will be making a guest appearance on Fox’s New Girl as, according to TV Line, “a ‘hot girl’ who moves into the gang’s building with her roommate, and subsequently/naturally catches the attention of the fellas in the loft.”

And finally, more big news for the more bro-oriented fans of the HBO canon: Daddario “is being courted for a role in the Entourage movie,” Deadline says. 

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