USA cancels “Psych” after eight seasons; talks of a spinoff in the works

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Sorry, Psych-Os. USA Network’s Psych is coming to a swift and untimely end.

The show will pick back up at the end of this month and air its final five episodes, culminating with the series finale on March 26 at 9/8c. In its eighth season, the show has managed to stay on top and plans to go out that way. After the final episode ends, Psych-Os (Psych fans) will be able to stay tuned in for a one-hour special Q&A with the cast and series creator, Steve

Franks tweeted, “It has been an amazing joyride these last eight years. Thanks to everyone who tagged along for the journey.”

The show’s stars James Roday and Dule Hill made the playful announcement via video message in which a positive Roday consoles Hill that they “will always have syndication”. Roday said,

We all came together in a big group, we said we wanted to go out on top. We wanted to Elway and T. Davis it.

The series broke new ground with its special brand of comedy and cast dynamic. Mixed with the right balance of drama, the show achieved the rare perfect storm, which kept it going strong for so many years.

In the series, lovable slacker Shawn Spencer (Roday) passes as a criminal psychic detective at his local police district thanks to his Sherlock-like deductive skills. His partner and best buddy Burton “Gus” Guster (Hill) goes along with Shawn’s antics despite his better judgment in a Scooby Doo-esque partnership that causes excitement in Shawn and anxiety in Gus. The dynamic is the kind of perfect, hilarious, and just-unlikely-enough friendship that serves comedies so well. Sprinkle in a little bit of a dubious, perfectionist female character (Juliet O’Hara played by Maggie Lawson) and you’ve got yourself a perfect recipe.

According to TheWrap, Psych was ranked in the Top 5 among the adults 18-49 demographic and in total viewers on Wednesdays, this year.

In an official statement, USA Network president Chris McCumber said,

Psych has made an indelible imprint on the television landscape with a unique brand of comedy. The Final season celebrates the iconic characters that have made this show so beloved, and will be an exclamation point on the series’ incredible run. And while the series will wrap in March somehow, I don’t believe we’ve heard the last of Shawn and Gus.

Do I hear spinoff bells in the distance? I believe I do. TheWrap reported that a spinoff has been “floated at the network” and is “very preliminary”, according to a USA rep.

A spinoff could mean anything, at this point, but this Psych-O is hoping for a prequel series that follows Spencer through his more primitive college and post-college years. Though my hopes are 100% unlikely due to science’s lack in breakthroughs in the de-aging of actors, we can trust that the show’s creators will come up with something amazing that will deliver many more belly laughs in years to come.

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