Take a Sneak Peek at The Walking Dead Season 3

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The Walking Dead’s second season ended with the reveal of two major points from the comic book: the prison setting and Michonne. Played by Treme’s Danai Gurira, she’s a seriously badass lady with katana and two zombies she leads around by chains. To use a comic analogy, you might consider her the Wolverine of Walking Dead.

The show’s San Diego Comic Con 2012 panel (and the trailer) revealed some upcoming plot points. SERIOUSLY, THIS IS A SPOILER WARNING!


Still here? I couldn’t look away from the goodies either.

Two separate storylines are in play as Season 3 begins. Andrea and Michonne are kidnapped by the armed henchman of The Governor, leader of a survivor colony called Woodbury. Meanwhile, the group led by Rick Grimes is killing all the zombies in the prison to make a stronghold out of it. We also got a premiere date, October 14. One of the complaints about Season 2, and a valid one I think, was the lack of action for long stretches. That doesn’t look like the case here.

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