Another ‘Room': James Franco to adapt actor Sestero’s memoir of ‘The Room’

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The Disaster Artist

The Disaster Artist

One of the first articles I ever wrote for this website was about, “The Disaster Artist,” Greg Sestero’s account of the making of the, “Citizen Kane of Bad Movies.” God almighty do I love this picture, as well as the book about it. I love bad movies that are so bad that they can’t help but be utterly hilarious and entertaining, and, “The Room,” smacks several grand slams in that department.

Yes, I will confess, I have attended a few midnight screenings of the film. During screenings, fans (present company included) will throw plastic spoons at the screen, shout out, “BECAUSE YOU’RE A WOMAN!” whenever Lisa says something stupid (mocking the film’s obvious misogyny), and clap along to the GOD-awful R&B slow jams that blare during the cringe-worthy way-too-long sex scenes.

Recently, a buddy of mine and I attended a midnight screening in San Francisco, and get this; rubber-faced lunatic Tommy Wiseau ACTUALLY SHOWED UP. Not that it’s a big deal; apparently he does this all the time. He is every bit as crazy as you think he will be. Greg Sestero was there as as well, and I even got some video of the two of them on stage. You will see that Sestero mentions that Hollywood is interested in turning his book into a feature film. “If only,” we all thought at the time.

Well, turns out that it’s gonna happen. Jack of all trades Renaissance man James Franco has bought the rights to the book and plans to direct and co-produce with his Rabbit Bandini partner Vince Jolivette, and Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s Point Grey Productions. Ryan Moody is handling script duties.

What will the movie be about? I imagine it’ll be a Great Gatsby of sorts, with Tommy W. sitting in for Gatsby and Sestero for the point of view character of Nick Carraway. Casting-wise, this could be just the comeback vehicle that Nicholas Cage needs. If this goes well, perhaps he won’t have to do any more Ghost Rider sequels.

(Not Quite) completely off topic, have you seen the Room video game? Click here, but only after you’ve watched the film. Basically, it’s an 8-bit NES game in which you play Tom…er, Johnny, during all of the off-screen scenes that are talked about in the film but not actually shown. And in the end, SPOILER ALERT, Tommy’s character of Johnny is revealed to be a space alien. I knew it. 

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