Father Ha: Greta Gerwig to play ‘How I Met Your Dad’ lead

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Greta GerwigIn a big surprise, it was announced Tuesday that How I Met Your Dad, the How I Met Your Mother spinoff set to arrive this fall, has found its female lead: Greta Gerwig, the longtime mumblecore and indie film actress who garnered the best reviews of her career and a Golden Globe nomination for last year’s “Frances Ha.” 

According to TV Guide, Gerwig will play Sally, known as “female Peter Pan, who has never grown up and has no idea of where she’s going in life,” in the gender-reversed version of How I Met Your Mother. HIMYM creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas will return, running the show along with Emily Spivey; no other casting has been announced.

I’m a Gerwig fan, and I feel like her charm could translate well to weekly TV, although I’m still somewhat skeptical about the project itself.

How I Met Your Mother found itself in the same boat as Breaking Bad in which, thanks to Netflix and re-runs, it became really, really popular for the first time right when it was about to be over. Therefore, we have the same solution as Better Call Saul– a spinoff, on the same network.

Can it work? Maybe, and Gerwig will certainly help matters. Also, unlike HIMYM, the new series- assuming it’s picked up- will shoot in New York. But since HIMYM ran about three years longer than its premise warranted, I’m not sure how it can sustain a whole other series.

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