Big screen adaptation still in the works for Stephen King’s “IT”

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pennywiseI think in 20 years we’ll refer to TV and movie projects the same way we do Broadway shows. There will have been so many versions you will have to explain which cast or adaptation you saw while discussing them.

“Oh, I felt the 3D version of ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ was far superior to the animated series.”

Stephen King’s novel “It” was a TV miniseries starring John Ritter and an extremely creepy Tim Curry as the clown Pennywise. No, I mean an even creepier than most of his roles Tim Curry. I was profoundly disappointed when the real IT showed up, as he wasn’t nearly as scary as Pennywise.

Director Cary Fukunaga, hot as you can get thanks to HBO’s True Detective, is writing and directing a feature film adaptation of “IT.” Producer Dan Lin confirmed to Collider that it’s still happening and he’s really excited about it. Lin’s hoping it will be Fukunaga’s next project. Like everybody else, Lin is blown away by True Detective so far.

Though my reaction to remakes is generally “please stop,” I’m intrigued to see what Fukunaga could do here. “IT” cried out for a larger budget than what the miniseries could offer. I suspect the underwhelming final creature was a matter of just running out of money at the end.

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