New York Post “catches” Carrie Fisher buying drugs, hits another new low

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New York Post implies Carrie Fisher was buying drugs

New York Post implies Carrie Fisher was buying drugs

The death of the great actor Philip Seymour Hoffman earlier this month led to lots of discussions and soul-searching, including among the media, of how to treat the subject of drug addiction. There’s a right way- as a tragedy and a disease- and a wrong way. Actually, a lot of wrong ways- calling the deceased addict a loser, wishing aloud that he could have loved his kids enough to will himself away from the drugs, blaming his death on liberalism or arguing that the addict’s death would’ve been more poignant had he instead succumbed to autoerotic asphyxiation. 

But at least no media member ever hid outside and, multiple times, watched Hoffman buying drugs.

The New York Post has now crossed that line and more. It ran a piece Monday with the headline “Fisher visits shady LA apartment,” based on a “weeklong investigation” of Carrie Fisher, the “Star Wars” actress who has been candid about her longtime struggle with substance abuse. Reporter Hugo Daniel, sure to mock Fisher’s looks while reporting on her possible drug relapse, writes this:

 The Post witnessed Fisher — who rocketed to global stardom as Princess Leia in the “Star Wars” franchise and is set to reprise her role in the seventh installment of the space saga next year — repeatedly visit a downtrodden Hollywood apartment, meet with someone in her car and then behave bizarrely as she made a beeline back home.

The Post observed a messy-mopped Fisher, 57, hardly looking regal in a giant black trench coat, waiting in her car while one of two women rushed down from the apartment to hop in the passenger seat for no more than 30 seconds at a time.

The pal then got out and returned to the apartment — and the actress drove straight home.

In one instance, Fisher was seen sitting in a car as a pal appears to hide something concealed in a folded piece of cardboard.

There’s also a two-minute video, in which we see Fisher – how dare she- walking into a car and getting in. In all, there’s nothing here that shows more than circumstantially that Fisher was actually buying drugs.

Look- this stuff is cruel to the point of near-sociopathy. This isn’t a actor being caught with his mistress, or a politician filmed red-handed accepting bribes or something. This is an actress who has struggled with addiction for decades, and a “reporter” hiding in the bushes to try to catch her doing it again.

Either Fisher has relapsed, and it’s a tragedy, or she hasn’t, and she’s essentially been libeled. Either way, the Post should be ashamed of themselves for running this.

They say the rules – both economic and journalistic- just don’t apply to the New York Post. For one thing, no other paper would employ a sneering, hateful loon like Andrea Peyser for as long as they have. But this is beyond that. This is the worst of tabloid garbage and any flack they take for it will be richly deserved.



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  • Reader1

    Interesting. The article reads like a British tabloid piece. The author, Hugo Daniel has no other articles on NY Post but it is presumably the same Hugo Daniel who has indeed written for British trash tablouds – a Google search will show more.

    I wonder if this article was published in the USA not so much because it is about an American celebrity but because such an intrustive investigation outside the public interest would never be allowed to be published in the new press climate in the UK. (Hey, don’t let press guidelines ruin a good story right?)

    I wonder.

    Will someone follow Mr Hugo Daniel around to see what he might or might not get up to?

  • Keith Dakers

    Reporters are scum.

  • http://EntertainmentTell Ward

    It seems to me that Stephen Silver is using this forum to spread the word about what Carrie Fisher may or may not have done.
    I didn’t know about this situation until I read THIS article. How about you?
    Stephen Fry brought your piece to my attention. I agree Hugos and The Posts treatment IS “sickening”. Ms.Fisher, and others DO “deserve better”.
    Mr. Silver just seems to spreading the word about this, possibly, unseemly situation. Sure he insults Mr. Daniel, Andrea Peyser and The Post, but isn’t he almost as guilty?
    No offense meant Mr. Silver. Your heart may actually be in the right place. Please stop spreading crap like this and then knock the scum who gave YOU something to write about.
    The bottom line is: while people close to Carrie Fisher should help in everyway that they can and NEVER give up, Ms. Fisher will ultimately need to do the bulk of “the heavy lifting herself. Had NO idea that I was going to write this until now: may the force be with her.