Fin: Bill Murray praise, True Detective mythology and soccer’s Miami Vice

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I'd imagine Bill Murray is a better dresser than that

I’d imagine Bill Murray is a better dresser than that

Bill Murray Day, Part I: Enjoy an hour-long interview with the actor (Charlie Rose Show/Hulu)

 Bill Murray Day, Part II: Nathan Rabin’s Careerview piece about the actor, which Rabin had been hyping on Twitter for months (The Dissolve)

 All about True Detective‘s strange “The King in Yellow”/Carcosa mythology, which goes all the way back to the 19th century (Think Progress)

 The David Beckham-owned Florida soccer team may be known as Miami Vice (Palm Beach Post)

An interview with the creator of the great reading-sharing app Goodreads (The Atlantic)

What if the Olympics had more of Shoshanna from Girls? (Shoshi Games)

A think piece about They Might Be Giants’ “Birdhouse in Your Soul” (Slate)

Lindy West saw the original “Robocop” for the first time, and hilarity ensued (Jezebel)

The failure of 3D in the home had another effect- the failure of 3D porn (Slate)

 Radiohead is starting an app- and it probably hasn’t used any guitars since the early 2000s either (Radiohead)

Speaking of which, a chef in Michigan has created a 10-course meal based on the “Kid A” album (Uproxx)

Cable news veteran Chez Pazienza laughs at Headline News’ social-media-on-TV plans (Huffington Post)

Speaking of Headline News… calling them out for using George Zimmerman’s white supremacist buddy as a legal analyst (Mother Jones)

Brent Bozell may be America’s most hateful and loathsome political pundit- but it turns out he doesn’t write any of his own stuff (Romenesko)

Early ’90s touchstones meet as John Singleton will direct the biopic of Tupac (Collider)

Turns out Abba’s costumes were all one big tax dodge (The Guardian)

On the problem of very old news stories going viral (Columbia Journalism Review)

A baseball diamond-shaped map of all of the famous women soon-to-retire Yankee Derek Jeter dated in his career (ESPN SportsNation)

Against describing anything as “rape” that isn’t actually rape- I guess The League can forget about “trade rape” (Jezebel)

Castings movies based on Ben Folds Five songs (Pajiba)

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