‘Game of Thrones’ full trailer: Tyrion in chains, lots of horses, and a big scary zombie

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As soon as everyone’s jaws were ready to be picked up off the floor following Sunday’s episode of True Detective on HBO, it was time for some more awesome- a full trailer for the upcoming fourth season of Game of Thrones, which as of Monday night had just under 4 million views on YouTube:

The trailer featured all of the characters everyone knows, including that creepy red priestess woman calling for more deaths. We also get to see the surviving Starks commiserating, Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) both led in chains and declaring the badass line “if you want justice.. you’ve come to the wrong place,” and Jamie Lannister sans beard. Further from King’s Landing, there’s also the Khaleesi, and a White Walker on horseback, too!

The series returns on HBO April 6, but there are a handful of ways to see it earlier. If you live in Santa Fe, N.M., book creator George R.R. Martin will host three screenings of the first episode eight days in advance; details for obtaining the limited amount of tickets are at his Tumblr.

The other way to see it early? Be the president of the United States. President Obama, at a recent state dinner, asked the president of HBO for advance copies of the series as well as True Detective, according to the Chicago Tribune. It’s unclear how serious the president was, or whether the network executive, Richard Plepler, said yes. If spoilers for not-yet-unaired GoT episodes start appearing in presidential speeches, you’ll have your answer.

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