Fallon gets off to a winning start in ‘Tonight Show’ debut

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Jimmy Fallon on his first night

What can one say about Jimmy Fallon’s first episode as host of the Tonight Show? It was pretty similar to Fallon’s Late Night, except for significantly more A-list guests, a gaudier set and, well, lots of references to it being Fallon’s first night hosting the Tonight Show.

What the show did boast, though, was an infectious energy, as well as a whole lot of bits that were certain to go viral.

After the show started, oddly enough, at midnight, there were the opening credits- directed by Spike Lee!- and then the traditional monologue. The monologue, from a joke perspective, was a bit lackluster, but it really did come through that the man is fulfilling a lifelong dream:

 Then there was another of Fallon’s signature “evolution of” bits, this time featuring hip-hop dancing and Will Smith in his old Fresh Prince garb:

Then there was the evening’s signature bit, a seemingly endless parade of celebrity cameos that included the long-exiled-from-the-Tonight-Show Joan Rivers, Robert De Niro, Seth Rogen, Stephen Colbert and numerous others:


The show also featured a chat about Olympic curling between Fallon and Smith, and a pair of performances by musical guest U2.

At any rate, America seemed to like the first show- it equalled the ratings of Conan O’Brien’s first Tonight Show, back in 2009, gaining 11.3 million total viewers.

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