‘Sixth Sense’ star Haley Joel Osment added to ‘Entourage’ movie roster

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Haley Joel OsmentThe “Entourage” movie’s cast is filling up, as Vince Chase, Johnny Drama, E., Turtle and Ari Gold are welcoming unpredictable name after name for a very, um, eclectic full house of actors and quasi-actors.

Supermodel Kate Upton was the first to join the defunct HBO TV show’s original lineup, though she’s still not confirmed for next year’s feature. Billy Bob Thornton then all of a sudden bolstered “Entourage’s” prestige, with former Hollywood whiz-kid Haley Joel Osment now enrolling Doug Ellin and Mark Wahlberg’s project.

Yes, that Haley Joel Osment, the Oscar-nominated protagonist of 1999’s “The Sixth Sense, who you may also know from 2000’s “Pay It Forward”, and 2001’s “A.I.”. The past decade saw Osment struggle to escape the famous child actor turned deadbeat adult cliché, which he finally looks capable of putting behind him.

Not because Marky Mark and Ellin recruited him for “Entourage”, a massive box-office bomb waiting to explode, but as he rounds up multiple decent small and big-screen credits, including in Amazon series Alpha House, Will Ferrell’s The Spoils of Babylon, Kevin Smith’s “Tusk”, and “Me Him Her”, from “Chronicle” scribe Max Landis.

All in all, we’re almost sorry Osment landed a supporting role in “Entourage”, as it could probably do his recovering career more harm than good. Which do you think will be?

Via [Deadline]

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