Early Dark Knight Rises Reviews Positive, But Dissenting Critics Face Backlash

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The Dark Knight Rises

The summer’s most eagerly-awaited film, Christopher Nolan’s Batman epic “The Dark Knight Rises,” finally arrives in theaters on Friday, and the early reviews have been mostly positive. But critics that didn’t enjoy the film have certainly heard about it from fans online.

As of Tuesday morning, the film had an 84 percent score at Rotten Tomatoes, based on 38 reviews that were 32 positive and six negative. The Wall Street Journal’s Joe Morgenstern called the movie “spectacular, to be sure, but also remarkable for its all-encompassing gloom,” while Variety’s Justin Chang called it, and the rest of Nolan’s Batman trilogy “a beacon of integrity in an increasingly comicbook-driven Hollywood universe.” Access Hollywood’s Scott A. Mantz called it the best of the three films.

Some critics who were more negative towards the film, such as Marshall Fine of Hollywood and Fine and the AP’s Christy Lemaire, were met with vitriolic anger by hundreds of fans who, in all likelihood have not yet seen the film. While most positive reviews have either zero comments on Rotten Tomatoes or in single digits, Lemaire’s review had 532 as of Tuesday morning.

Critics who gave the movie middling to negative reviews were accused of “bias”- which is kind of part of the deal when you’re a critic- as well as committing “personal attacks” against Batman fans. Sniping between rival fans of the DC and Marvel universes has been a continuing theme as well.

One critic, Eric D. Snider, even posted a fake negative quote– in which he compared the film unfavorably to the 1997 “Batman & Robin”- before linking to his positive review of the movie. He was banned from the site’s Tomatometer for his trouble.

It even got to the point where Rotten Tomatoes’ editor-in-chief needed to address the matter in a letter posted to the site, in which he shared that the site has disabled comments on ‘Dark Knight’ reviews.

Check back on EntertainmentTell for our review of the movie, around noon on Thursday.

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