This Makes So Much Sense: Johnny Depp To Star In Wes Anderson’s New Film

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Oh, man, this is good news. Deadline Hollywood reports that Johnny Depp has signed on for Wes Anderson’s new film, “The Grand Budapest Hotel.”

If anyone is suited for Anderson’s thoughtful, insightful world filled with autumnal tones and retro quirk it’s Depp, an actor who has spent years thriving in Tim Burton’s macabre world. And Depp has the mainstream appeal to turn Anderson into even more of a mainstream darling. Anderson’s latest gem, “Moonrise Kingdom,” has already made around $30 million domestically–an impressive figure considering the competitive summer season and the film’s limited number of screens.

Details are scarce on “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” Twitch revealed earlier that Anderson had approached a mix of regulars (Owen Wilson, Bill Murray, Edward Norton) and newcomers (Jude Law and Angela Lansbury) to star. Now that Depp is on board, it’s safe to say that any reluctance of others may subside.

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