TLC Working on Pete Rose Reality Show

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What do you do when you’re baseball’s all-time hit king, but a gambling addiction ruined your life? These days, you get a TLC reality show.

Entertainment Weekly reports TLC has ordered five episodes of a show tentatively titled the Pete Rose and Kiana Kim Family Project. It would chronicle the efforts of 71-year-old Rose to blend his family with that of his fiancee, Kiana Kim, a former Playmate in her 30s. Apparently Rose’s nickname “Charlie Hustle” still applies in more ways than one. Spoiler Alert: Rose’s family doesn’t like him dating a woman four decades younger.

Rose was quoted as say that while he considers most reality shows to be “classless,” this one will deal with issues people can relate to. TLC mentioned one of the episodes will show Kim getting a breast reduction.  I remember the time I had to take my Playboy model girlfriend for a breast reduction. Oh, the hijinks! And of course, it will talk about the Baseball Hall of Fame issue. After Rose got caught betting on Major League Baseball while managing the Cincinnati Reds, then-commissioner Bart Giamatti banished him from the sport for life.

The baseball legend is a bizarre study in contrast. Teammates will tell you no one loved the game more, yet he bet on baseball knowing it could cost him everything. Now Rose is saying he’s cleaned up his act, but he lives and works in Las Vegas. That’s like a recovering alcoholic buying an apartment above a brewery. Even with the young, sexy love interest, can this compete with the likes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians?

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