Fresh off ‘American Hustle’, Bradley Cooper is out for ‘American Blood’

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Bradley CooperRemember when Bradley Cooper was nothing but a pretty face/leading comedy charmer? How about when he was a third wheel on a frigging ABC TV series, which he voluntarily exited basically to not get the boot?

Say what you will of improbable Hollywood success stories, but this guy is living one. He’s got two consecutive Oscar nominations under his belt, producing credits on both “Silver Linings Playbook” and “American Hustle,” plus so many exciting forthcoming projects lined up even Jennifer Lawrence is jealous.

Coincidentally, a couple of these have “American” in the title: Lance Armstrong-centric “Red Blooded American”, and “American Blood”. Guess Coop is still feeling overly patriotic.

The latter, which he’ll of course co-produce in addition to headline, is one of those rare obvious gems that needs little detailing to get the studio vultures excited. Apparently, the crime drama will be based on a book by New Zealand author Ben Sanders, book that’s not even done yet, let alone published.

A measly 50 pages of this thing were pitched to Warner Bros, and the production behemoth committed almost instantaneously, knowing if it hesitated, someone else would swoop in and steal the manuscript.

No idea what exactly is in those 50 pages, but I’m guessing it’s at least the second coming of Agatha Christie, since there’s already rumble of franchise potential. Talk about things escalating quickly, eh?

Anyways, the vague storyline details revealed so far focus on a fictional undercover NYPD officer turned mob informant (guess who), named Marshall Grade, and “pulled into a dangerous investigation while living in the witness protection program”. Yeah, that totally doesn’t sound like every crime flick made in Hollywood in the past 50 years.

Via [Deadline]

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