Fin: Oscar bloggers at war, is Fallon funny and Chelsea Handler in parentheses

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It's today! I swear!

It’s today! I swear!

My takeaway from the big Oscar blogger piece? I would really hate it if my job was writing about movies, without actually writing about movies (New York magazine)

A new Tumblr mocks that almost-always false meme that it’s ALWAYS the day that Marty McFly arrived in the future (Marty McFly in the Future)

Laying down a gauntlet: Jimmy Fallon isn’t funny (Philadelphia Magazine)

Chelsea Handler, who goes on TV every night and insults celebrities in vicious and personal terms, is highly offended that her name was listed in parentheses in a New York Times article about talk show hosts (Huffington Post)

Sorry, Philly- Rob Zombie doesn’t appear to be going ahead with that Broad Street Bullies movie (Metro)

Two movie theater chains will feature tweets and hashtags in pre-movie in-theater entertainment, even though, you know, you’re supposed to turn your phone off (CNET)

All Right All Right All Right Cupid: It’s the OK Cupid profile for Matthew McConaughey’s True Detective character (College Humor)

#TrueDetectiveSeason2: We have a winner (Twitter)

Kevin Nealon will star in indie family film “Ghost Dog,” which apparently has nothing to do with the Way of the Samurai (Deadline)

The Yellow King has surfaced! (Uproxx)

“Reverend Al Sharpton Takes Time Off From Holy Duties To Make TV Appearance” (The Onion)

Why “The Wolf of Wall Street” is actually the most anti-greed movie ever (The Atlantic)

Sorry bros- no Entourage movie until the summer of 2015 (Variety)

Just like almost everything in the news in the last few weeks, that Justin Bieber’s Angry Neighbors story was a hoax by a radio station- one that fooled dozens of major news outlets (E! Online)

40 years later, looking back at the Oscar streaker from 1974 (Hollywood Reporter)

With all of the examinations of obscure ’90s culture, it was only a matter of time before the Jerky Boys had their turn (Rolling Stone)

Ric Flair turned 65- 65!- yesterday (Uproxx)


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