Trailer: “Nymph” appeals to the blood-lusting sex goddess in all of us

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I cannot believe that the legend of the sea nymph doesn’t hit the big screen more often. My favorite part of Odyssey is when big mad men lose their cool in seconds over killer mermaids. Starbucks agrees with me. That lady on their logo is a siren, a.k.a. killer twin-tailed mermaid, who pays homage to the seafaring history of Seattle.

Nymph MovieEpic Pictures, the gem factory behind “Zombeavers”, must kind of like blood-lustful women with tails as well, because the company is producing “Nymph”, a film about- well, a nymph. Milan Todorović, know for “Apocalypse of the Dead”, directed the film which stars Kristina Klebe (“Holloween, Proxy”), Natalie Burn (“The Expendables 2”), and Franco Nero (“Django Unchained”).

The trailer is designed to share just enough information in a series of montages, which increase in speed until you have no idea what you’re looking at but you get the point nonetheless.

The official synopsis of the film reads:

Two American girls travel to Montenegro on vacation to visit an old friend. While there they decide to venture to Mamula, an abandoned military fortress located on a remote island. During their exploration of the fortress they discover that they are not alone. Someone else is on the island with them and he will stop at nothing to protect its secrets. There is a darkness hidden beneath the island and the terror has just begun.

Scylla (Zorana Kostic Obradovic) and Niko (Franco Nero)

From the trailer we can gather that Nero plays an old see dog that has a special relationship with the creature, called Scylla and played by Serbian model Zorana Kostic Obradovic, who is a devastatingly beautiful sea monster/goddess hybrid thing that essentially wants to eat the other characters in her watery lair.

We’re greeted with the Vagueness is Coming/Harbinger of Impending Doom tropes when Nero’s character warns the meddling kids, who are just looking for a good time, not to visit the obscure and threatening abandoned island. The partiers are evidently all, “Wow yeah, it’s probably a bad idea. Let’s do it!” and shit hits the fan pretty quickly.

This movie’s got it all: horror tropes, thriller tropes, objectification of victims and the villain (sexiness everywhere!), and enough blood and guts to keep sea nymph happy.

My tone is dripping with facetiousness, but I’m genuinely pumped for this movie. I love a good horror that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The ambiance of the film is reminiscent of “Into the Blue” and the action seems worthy of my anxious popcorn munching (rare). Plus, I’m always excited for an angry killer supermodel villain. (Big fan of the “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” killer mermaids.)

The film will release sometimes this year, and I will be waiting anxiously for it.

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