Amy Adams’ boobs divide anonymous Oscar voters

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Amy Adams in "American Hustle"

Amy Adams in “American Hustle”

One of the frequent rituals of Oscar season is for media outlets to run interviews with anonymous Academy voters, to sort of provide some insight on how they’re voting and what we can expect on Oscar night. The quotes don’t usually provide much of value and in fact, a lot of the time they make the voter, probably unintentionally, look like a tremendous jerk.

Take a couple of recent such articles, both of which touched on Amy Adams’ nominated performance in “American Hustle.” Here’s the opinion of “Brutally Honest Oscar Voter #5,” as anonymously told to the Hollywood Reporter’s Scott Feinberg: 

Amy Adams was good but not her best, and the device of having her breasts hanging down in every single costume was a little distracting, plus the movie just didn’t do it for me.

For a dissenting opinion on Ms. Adams’ decolletage, here’s… another anonymous Oscar voter, this week speaking to gossip legend-turned-Daily Beast correspondent Michael Musto:

 By the way, Amy had no boobs in that dress. A beautiful dress, but she’s flat chested.

So, to recap: When it comes to judging whether Amy Adams is going to win Best Actress-  according to multiple people with Oscar votes- we’re supposed to consider that her breasts are either too plentiful, or not plentiful enough. And people wonder why so many actresses consider Hollywood an inhospitable place?

For the record, I’m very much not an “American Hustle” fan, but Adams’ performance was just fine. Judging it by the positioning of her boobs doesn’t strike me as a very fair thing to do.

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