Michelle Obama will show off acting chops on ‘Parks and Recreation’

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20140227-obama-x600-1393539567Hold the phone! Michelle Obama is jumping on the cast of Parks and Recreation for a nice little cameo appearance. This is on the same level as Bill Clinton jumping on MTV and playing the saxophone. The first lady is out of control! But in a good way, not the Justin Beiber doing everything he saw on Cops kind of way.

While she was in Florida promoting her campaign to stop childhood obesity she decided, “Meh, why not shoot an episode of Parks and Rec. It might be fun.” So, shoot it she did.

The episode is set to air on April 24 as the season finale. I’m not entirely sure what they have planned for this episode, but something tells me it’s going to be a doozy of an episode. Between Amy Poehler’s twisted, over the top, sarcasm and Nick Offerman’s tough on-air exterior as Ron Swanson, there’s really no telling what the cast is going to get into.

We’ve all seen the Obamas. We know they love to enjoy themselves. We also know that they have a weird and oddly attractive sense of humor with enough charisma to charm the pants off of the snake from the Jungle Book. What we don’t know is just how strange or straight-faced the first lady can get.

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