Katherine Heigl’s Indiegogo project struggling; only $42K raised

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Jenny's WeddingIn (not so) shocking news, people don’t like Katherine Heigl. Not really. Not enough to raise money for her latest snooze of a big-screen project. And who can blame them? She had the world at her feet six years ago, riding the wave of Grey’s Anatomy commercial success and coming off two Golden Globe noms and an unexpected movie hit – “Knocked Up”.

So what does Heigl do? She abandons Grey’s, then takes the easy way to Hollywood, headlining every crappy chick flick between 2008 and 2013. When directors and producers finally realize the actress is, well, not much of an actress, plus box-office poison, “Izzie Stevens” turns to serious, dramatic, indie work.

Nice try, but we ain’t biting. By “we”, I mean all film buffs that heard Heigl’s recent Indiegogo cry for help, and looked the other way. For Pete’s sake, you need crowdfunding for the soundtrack of “Jenny’s Wedding”? Who cares about that?

There are brilliant struggling filmmakers and actors (as in real actors) that can’t afford to get their features off the ground, and you want 150 gees for music? I’m genuinely surprised donations crossed $40,000, and with 22 days left to hit the goal, the number may well leap to $60 or $70K.

Which is still pitiful, but since Heigl and director and writer Mary Agnes Donoghue were smart enough to go with their campaign to Indiegogo, not Kickstarter, they’ll receive all funds raised no matter the sum. Oh, well, let’s look on the bright side. This “Jenny’s Wedding” is utterly unappealing, save for the fact it stars former it girl Katherine Heigl and Alexis Bledel as… lesbian lovers. Are you listening, guys?

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  • Ravi

    What a hateful article. It seems to be more about your personal dislike of Ms. Heigl than the film. Did she wrong you or something in a previous life? Also the campaign is the producers not Heigl’s. She clearly just offered to help out with the process and sign a few items and it seems to me is getting all the crap for that. I think she is actually a very good actress – her Emmy was richly deserved for her work on Grey’s Anatomy, albeit she has been in some less than stellar movies. Who cares if they fundraise or not – if people want to contribute they will, if they don’t they won’t. You don’t care so you wont contribute. Why be nasty about it? Just not neccessary.

  • Md

    Just as, she did not need to be nasty to the Grey Anatomy’s writers, when she was nominated for a second a award. When you behave badly to others do not be surprised when others start treating you badly.

  • Martin S.

    Wow, the writer of this story sounds miserable. You must not grasp the concept of karma. What goes around comes around. I don’t find Katherine anymore offensive than most Hollywood actors.

  • Joe Shine

    Heigal should just go into porn

  • fuckRavi

    stfu Heigls Manager, We SeeThrough Your Ruse

  • Linda Eckert

    I like Kathrine! Everyone is entitled to an opinion. However, being hateful isn’t good. It serves no useful purpose. I trust God to guide Kathrine.

  • Claire Donner

    I think it’s Heigl who doesn’t grasp the concept of Karma.