The trailer for ‘Frank’ focuses on an eccentric musician in a costume head

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It’s a movie about a musician who constantly wears a costume head. He never takes it off – not even in the shower. It is supposedly inspired by a real person named “Frank Sidebottom” (actually the anarchic alter ego of the late artist Christopher Mark Sievey). It stars Michael Fassbender in the lead, though you’ll have to take their word for it since you never actually see his face or expressions, and it’s the work of Irish indie filmmaker Lenny Abrahamson. Still, outside the festival circuit, few know about ‘Frank.’ Now, it looks like this eclectic movie is about to get a legitimate if limited theatrical release. Collider (among other sites) have posted a trailer for the film – which will open in the UK this May – and states that the US should see screenings sometime later this year.

Have a look:

Talk about quirky. Apparently, Domhnall Gleeson is Jon, a young man who is asked to join the idiosyncratic band Soronprfbs. Frank is their leader, and Maggie Gyllenhaal is his gal pal and Theremin player. With Scoot McNairy as their manager and a story which sees social media earning the band massive attention, a slot at SXSW, and the fallout that comes with such “stardom,” this has bizarre written all over it. Those who’ve seen it suggest there is more to it than the character gimmick, with many praising Fassbender for his ability to get his character’s points across without the advantage of his most expressive physical trait.

On the other hand, this also looks incredibly one note. If you look at the supposed storyline, we going to get an initial reaction, a lot of exposition, conflict, resolution, and one imagines, a final reason why Frank is the way he is. We get these kind of show biz narratives all the time, outsiders trying to understand the insular muse of an entertaining oddball. Until it shows up on our shores, we will have to wait and see just how loveable and likeable a man in a weird costume head can be.


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