First track from Game of Thrones’ mixtape is Wale’s ‘King Slayer’

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game of thronesWinter is coming – and you need some tunes to listen to. A rap mixtape based on HBO hit Game of Thrones sounds like something that would emerge on YouTube, then quickly get taken down for multiple copyright violations. But “Catch The Throne” is an actual project going on with the full blessing of HBO.

Creative agency Global Hue helped put the project together, featuring hip-hop heavyweights such as Common, Big Boi and Daddy Yankee. Here’s the first single, Wale’s “King Slayer.”




The free compilation will be available March 11 via Soundcloud. Game of Thrones is now HBO’s second most watched series behind The Sopranos. The network is obviously concerned that the Lannisters’ exploits might not have crossover appeal. HBO’s senior VP of cultural marketing Lucinda Martinez ( I didn’t know that was a job either) told Billboard the mixtape is dropping a month before the April 6 fourth season premiere to give binge watchers plenty of time. References in rap mixtapes are the new Easter eggs, apparently.

Common will perform his single “Interlude/The Ladder” at South By Southwest Friday. It contains references to the Red Wedding,  the most talked about episode in GoT history because it offed prominent characters in brutal fashion.

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