Fin: Considering Mad Men and Twin Peaks; the return of Russian bad guys and pretending to review “Grand Budapest Hotel”

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The James Francos are not what they seem

The James Francos are not what they seem

True Detective has a lot of people thinking about Twin Peaks. Thinkpiece I: James Franco! (Vice)

Twin Peaks thinkpiece 2: A celebration of that famed, cherry-stem-knot-tying-with-her-tongue sexpot, Audrey Horne (The Toast)

An in-depth analysis of the 15-second Mad Men teaser (AV Club)

 New York magazine’s Vulture Friday ran a sponsored/fake review of “Grand Budapest Hotel,” paid for by Fox Searchlight. Because it’s not like the guy who just wrote the definitive book about Wes Anderson is on staff there or anything (Vulture)

Today was the National Day of Unplugging; why that’s a bad idea (Forward)

Prince will play secret shows in Los Angeles this week, although I guess it’s not such a secret anymore (Variety)

Adam Carolla has thoughts on the idea of women being late-night talk show hosts. I’d tell you what they are, but I think you know (Huffington Post)

A byproduct of the Russia/Ukraine crisis: The possible return of Russian movie villains (The New Republic)

 Kroll Show has gotten a well-deserved third season from Comedy Central; Nick Kroll tweeted that he’s heading for Africa (Laughspin)

 No, that story about Andrew Garfield snubbing Batkid at the Oscars is probably not true and the result of a New York Post error (Gawker)

 The Bob Costas botox story- also, probably not true and the result of a New York Post error (The Big Lead)

Kurt Sutter wants to use Aaron Paul on Sons of Anarchy next season, probably because he’s killed off just about every other character (Zap2It)

 Camille Paglia- big Real Housewives fan (Bravo TV)

In another example of cable networks straying far afield from their original missions, former courtroom network TruTV will air a sketch comedy series (Deadline)

 We know John Travolta didn’t know Idina Menzel’s name, but why not? (Tablet)


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