First HBO ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’ promo leans on the whole once-a-week thing

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John Oliver

With longtime Daily Show correspondent John Oliver’s new HBO comedy show, Last Week Tonight, debuting at the end of April, the network on Friday released the first 60-second promo for the new show. And let’s just say the promo, which aired on HBO proper before True Detective, leans heavily on the joke of the “news” show airing one day a week on Sunday night:


I once worked for a local weekly newspaper in which the in-house ads sales department produced promotions calling us “the only source you need,” next to a picture of a globe on tape of a broadsheet paper that was quite obviously not our paper but the Wall Street Journal. So it’s good to see Oliver’s show have some fun with the notion that anyone would actually take that program seriously as a source for real, up-to-the-minute news. The Daily Show has done that sort of thing going back to the Craig Kilborn years.

Oliver, who took several writers and an executive producer from the Daily Show with him to Last Week Tonight, will the new program on April 27 at 11 p.m.

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