Former TNA owner Jeff Jarrett teases big April 7 announcement

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Jeff JarrettRumors have been flying about a new wrestling promotion from Jeff Jarrett, possibly backed by country singing star Toby Keith. In a new video, Jarrett and his wife Karen say they’ll be able to tell us something April 7. That date is no coincidence, as it’s the day after Wrestlemania.

Making things more intriguing, legendary broadcaster Jim Ross retweeted a fan question about whether he had an offer from Jarrett and Keith.

Jeff’s former company isn’t in great shape, with names including Sting and AJ Styles leaving in recent months. Keith was among the many rumored to be interested in buying TNA from the Carter family. After nothing happened there, Jarrett announced he was leaving the promotion he founded.

I think most wrestling fans would agree competition is good for business. The Monday Night Wars propelled pro wrestling to new heights, and the business hasn’t been the same since. But it’s going to take a lot to break WWE’s stranglehold on the industry. The WWE Network is only increasing their presence in households, urging even casual fans to pay $9.99 a month for film library access and monthly pay-per-views. Vince McMahon not only won the wrestling wars, he can now charge people to watch the footage of his victory.

Many of TNA’s stars may jump ship. But that promotion has been around more than 10 years and never come close to threatening WWE. I’m not sure what splitting its roster in half would get you, but it is hard to imagine it would be something that goes toe-to-toe with WWE.


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