30-year-old Maggie Grace returning as teenage daughter in “Taken 3″

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Maggie Grace, the world's oldest teenager

Maggie Grace, the world’s oldest teenager

When Maggie Grace starred on the first two seasons of Lost, starting in 2004, she was 21, and played a character who was supposed to be an adult. When she was 25, in 2008, she played Liam Neeson’s unmistakably teenaged daughter in the international hit “Taken.” At 29, she returned for 2012’s “Taken 2,” in which a key plot point was that she was trying to pass her driving test.

Now comes news that Grace will return for the third “Taken” film, which is supposed to be the last. According to Deadline, filming will get underway later this month.

Grace also appeared on several episodes of Californication– also as an adult- and has been cast in a lead role on an untitled CBS pilot about Wall Street henge fund traders- ones who have presumably had their drivers’ licenses for more than a few years.

It’s unclear which European capital Neeson will be laying waste to this time, with his very particular set of skills, although Neeson said in a recent interview that this time, nobody actually gets taken. Whatever the plot is of the new film, hopefully it will wrap up in time for Grace to graduate from high school on time.

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