‘Louie’ to end two-year hiatus May 5, with two episodes a week

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Photo from FX

Photo from FX

Fans of Louie, Louis C.K.’s FX series that’s truly one of the most brilliant things on TV, have had to wait nearly two years for a new episode- and with no promos having aired yet, some of us were wondering whether it was coming back this spring at all. 

Good news- it is.

FX announced Thursday that Louiewill return for its long-awaited fourth season on May 5- and not only that, but it will air two episodes a week for seven weeks. The series will air on Monday nights at 10 p.m. (Eastern.)

C.K., the reigning Best Comedian in the World, had announced in 2012 that Louie would take a year off and return in 2014. But he’s had a busy year anyway, according to Splitsider:

 During his hiatus, Louis C.K. co-created an FX pilot with Zach Galifianakis that will star Galifianakis, signed a multi-year development deal with HBO to develop and create shows, filmed and released his new standup hour Oh My God, hosted SNL for the first time, self-released his 1998 indie movie Tomorrow Night, and filmed a supporting role in American Hustle. He returns to SNL for the second time on March 29th.

Louie is such a great concept- one creative guy as star, director, writer and various other jobs, able to stuff each episode with stand-up comedy, sketch comedy, short films, and even sitcom-style scenes- that I’m surprised it hasn’t been applied to other performers. I’d love to see Patton Oswalt do that type of show. Or Lena Dunham, once she’s done with Girls. Or even Dave Chappelle, should he ever decide to do another TV show.

Anyway, I leave you with this, Louie‘s greatest achievement:

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