Hannibal Buress has a new show on Comedy Central…or does he?

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Stellar stand-up and Eric Andre sidekick Hannibal Buress has been all over Twitter the last few days announcing that Comedy Central has picked up his reality-based TV series ‘Unemployable’ for a 10 episode run. While he’s perhaps best known for his sometimes surreal brand of observational humor, the show itself sounds like a winner. Let Mr. Buress explain it to you, in his own words:

My pilot is just me doing different jobs, a comedian version of ‘Dirty Jobs.’ So it’s just me working at a goat farm, I worked at a diner, I worked as a fortune teller — just me doing different jobs and then we recorded standup with me talking about these jobs at the Knitting Factory. So there’s a reality portion and then the standup, and I narrate it too. It’s my first narrating gig.

Color us eager to see where this could go. Comedy Central, on the other hand, is apparently not so enthusiastic, or put another way, Mr. Buress may have jumped the official announcement protocol a bit. In the Splitsider article announcing the “pickup,” an update, dated 3/15, makes it clear that the cable channel has yet to confirm their interest in the show, let alone ordering it to series. A spokesman was quoted as saying “While we love Hannibal and are excited about his pilot, it was just delivered.  We’ll be evaluating it, along with several other projects in development, in the near future.” Oops.

Buress will be featured in a stand-up special, ‘Live from Chicago,’ which will premiere on March 29th at the network, and he has been seen on the station’s sensational @midnight game show. ‘Unemployable’ sounds like a lot of fun, and Buress’ unusual persona adds the right amount of eccentricity to a simple idea. Here’s hoping Comedy Central makes the right decision, or stops playing PR possum and announces the deal – even no deal – already.


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