‘Newsroom’ Getting New Writers’ Room

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For all of the critical backlash against Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom, one criticism I can’t say I’ve ever heard is that “gee, the non-Aaron Sorkin writers just aren’t cutting it!”

Nevertheless, the show is getting a shakeup on the writing staff for its second season. According to The Daily, “most of the writers” on the HBO drama have been fired, with only Sorkin himself and Corinne Kinsbury- said to be a former girlfriend of the showrunner- remaining on staff.

Sorkin is known for writing most of the scripts himself on his TV shows, regardless of who is credited, and while it’s unclear whether that’s been the case on The Newsroom, the show’s voice is pretty unmistakably his.

The Newsroom finds itself in the same position as NBC’s Smash, another long-awaited show that hit a critical and audience backlash early on, yet did well enough to get a second-season renewal. While Smash has reacted by axing everyone from the show runner to several actors to the costume designer behind Debra Messing’s laughable outfits, just about everything people don’t like about The Newsroom is its very Aaron Sorkin-ness.

Getting rid of the other writers sounds like an NFL team reacting to a 4-12 season by firing only the special teams coach.

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