BD Wong’s Dr. Wu to return in “Jurassic World”

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We have an obsession with dinosaurs. It’s true. We don’t care if they’re on our jammies, on our walls, on our television sets, eating the neighbor’s dog, or hanging out for nacho night. The bottom line is: we love dinosaurs. We’ve loved them for so long and so much that there was an entire well-known franchise centered around them. What was it called again? Oh yeah! “Jurassic Park.” Pretty sure that was most people’s first introduction to Jeff Goldblum. And, while Mr. Goldblum and friends may not be returning for “Jurassic World,” the fourth installment of the famed movie series, BD Wong is.

Yes, that’s right! Ladies and gentlemen, one of the original cast members who decided to jump into the concrete jungle to help out SVU is back in full swing as the famed Dr. Henry Wu. Who knows, he might even take a few extra notes off of that famed blackboard in the background. Yeah, he probably could’ve stopped the weird malfunctioning equipment and explosion of velocieraptors that creeper stalked everyone. Then again, if people actually paid attention to the poor guy he might’ve actually cared to be a little more vocal with his warnings.

So, the doctor is in. This should prove to be interesting.

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