Argument about “300” leads to murder in Houston

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Sullivan Stapleton as Themistokles in "300: Rise of an Empire"

The Silverado 19 movie theater in Tomball, Texas was scene to a murder on Monday night, over an argument media outlets call “petty”. The surprising news is, it wasn’t caused by a shooting. The bad news is the worst: a 23-year-old man was struck and killed by a pickup truck. And the driver and passenger of the truck were mad because they had a different opinion about the ending of the movie “300: Rise of an Empire.” So the cowards deliberately hit the guy with their big ol’ truck and sped away. Because they disagreed over the movie 300: Rise of an Empire. Let that sink in.

Houston’s KHOU has the horrible story.

“It happened after midnight early Monday morning. Two brothers and their best friend had just finished watching 300: Rise of an Empire.

The trio began discussing the movie in the bathroom when two other young men chimed in.

“That’s how it started. Words were exchanged over the ending of a movie,” said Ryan Hacker.”

The story goes on:

““Family members identified the victim as 23-year-old Michael Emerson.

“I know they were in the bathroom and they were discussing if there was going to be a sequel because of the way the movie ended. They were discussing it among themselves and there’s some people in the bathroom and they butted into their conversation and put their opinion in about it,” said Bridgett Hacker, the mother of a witness.”

According to Hacker, things got especially heated when the men made a comment about Emerson’s disfigured arm.”

Deputies said Emerson and his friends got into a verbal confrontation with two other men regarding the end of the movie and both parties exited the theater.  When the two men got into their white Ford F150 Crew Cab Truck, Emerson confronted them from outside the passenger side door, investigators said.”

Deputies said the driver of the truck put the vehicle in reverse, striking Emerson and knocking him to the ground. He later died at an area hospital.”

“They hit him going fast. It wasn’t like a nudge, get out of the way. It was fast. It happened in a split second,” explained Hacker. “I think the emotions and adrenaline were pumping, and they didn’t have control of what was going on.” “

So Emerson’s death wasn’t an accident. He died because two turds who couldn’t mind their own fucking business for five minutes in the Silverado 19’s bathroom HAD OPINIONS and a truck and no self control struck and killed him. And the only good thing about this happening in Texas is that I fully believe that the Harris County Sherriff Office will find and arrest these pair of turds within the week. Because in Texas, cops are good at their jobs and will catch you. Also, because Texas.

Deputies have already released surveillance photos of the two men in the truck. There is really no way they can get away with this murder, even though they have been in the wind since Monday night. And anyone harboring these rank turds is an accessory after the fact. That includes you, neighbors in Tomball who live near some nerdy-looking dudes with a truck who get quiet when you ask them if they saw 300: Rise of an Empire. Turn these fuckers in.

I would love to believe that there is a certain kind of movie that can cause a similar argument which results in the senseless, completely preventable death of one of its fans. Maybe “Mean Girls”? Nah. Couldn’t happen. Maybe even the far-away feeling Entourage movie? Nope. It’s only “300: Rise of an Empire” that will now forever be tainted by the stupid acts of two men who surely are attached to the smallest penises in Tomball, if not Harris County and the whole state of Texas. Could it be the prequel thing is making movie-goers insane? Let’s stop the madness.

It is only a matter of time before Michael Emerson’s killers are caught and brought to justice. I do not know exactly what part of Emerson’s opinion about 300: RoaE these soft, doughy jerks took such umbrage with. But I am happy to point out that if Emerson contended that there will be a sequel to the last movie he saw, he was right, and his killers should suck it. It says so in the wiki, even.

Anyone with information about the identity and/or location of the driver and passenger of the white F-150 Ford Truck should call the Harris County Sherriff Office’s Homicide Division at 713-967-5810.

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