Lady Gaga releases video/film for G.U.Y.

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lady gaga“Mother Monster” had a rough 2013, and she’s not taking it lying down. Well, she’s lying down a lot in this new video, but assuring us she is still in control from there. Lady Gaga released an 11-minute video for her latest song “G.U.Y.” which stands for “Girl Under You.” The video actually features four of her songs, one playing during the four-minute credits. It’s an explosion of camp, artpop and some not-veiled attacks on record execs. It opens with Gaga as a bird (or perhaps an angel) lying on the ground with an arrow through her back while people fight over money. There’s also a band composed of Real Housewives castmembers, and it only gets more Gaga from there:



This all seems like a relaunch for Artpop, which debuted at no. 1 in November but quickly dropped from there. In a January message on her fansite she said she had been betrayed by those she trusted most. She doesn’t name anyone specifically, but did fire her manager Troy Carter in November. He’s doing just fine, though; John Mayer hired him.

Gaga’s going to be OK too. They’ve added six additional shows for the “Artpop” tour, so despite lower sales for the album people still want to see Gaga in concert.

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