Arnold Schwarzenegger is tried and true to “The Tonight Show”

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Even after The Tonight Show was given taken over by Jimmy Fallon and hoisted to a completely different city, Arnold Schwarzenegger will remain tried and true to the late night television show. He found his way to the set with Jimmy Fallon on Monday, March 24 and  was more than willing to participate in a nice QVC skit with Fallon and, wouldn’t you know it, they had a chopper that Mr. Schwarzenegger was more than happy to get to.

Arnold has made his way around the block as far as late night and prime time television (like Monday Night Raw on March 24), but the fact that he has made an appearance on The Tonight Show more than two dozen times says something about this man’s gall and dedication to a set he really likes. And we all know, if he really likes something, he just can’t do without it.

Let’s face it, for those saying that he only jumped onto the show for Leno, well, either he loves the musk left behind by the former host or he really is just in it for the fun of being on that particular set. Either way, the governor has definitely chosen his side as far as where he has chosen to show off his more comedic side, and that’s just fine.

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